As the 1970s were in full swing, Gru, who grew up in the suburbs surrounded by bell-bottom jeans and blooming hair, hatched a machiavellian plan to succeed in joining a famous group of super villains, known as the name of Vicious 6, of which he is the biggest fan. He is assisted in his task by the Minions, his little companions as turbulent as they are faithful. With the help of Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto – a new Minion sporting magnificent braces and a desperate need to please – they will together deploy treasures of ingenuity to build their first lair, experiment with their first weapons, and launch their first mission. When the Vicious 6 fire their leader, the legendary "Wild Knuckles", Gru auditions to join the team. The least we can say is that the interview goes wrong, and suddenly short when Gru demonstrates his superiority to them and suddenly finds himself their sworn enemy. Forced to flee, he will have no choice but to turn to "Wild Knuckles" himself, in order to find a solution, an encounter that will allow him to discover that even super villains sometimes need friends. .


Vincent Peltier, peaceful employee at the "Eaux et Forets" in Limoges, is encouraged to resign because of a staff review, which he wishes the least in the world. An overzealous inspector decides to transfer him to the worst places in the world to push him to give up. She therefore sends him to Greenland to protect the researchers of a scientific base from bear attacks. We let you imagine the rest…


Neighborhood educators, Alex and Stéphanie take five out-of-school teenagers to cross the Mediterranean and reintegrate them through the values ​​of the sea. But when they arrive at the port, they come across Riton, their skipper, a former BAC cop, who has left everything to flee the suburbs. These young people are his worst nightmare. Forced, they all find themselves embarked on the same boat for a fifteen-day sea trip. One thing is certain, after this Crossing, they will no longer have quite the same vision of the world...


The life and musical work of Elvis Presley through the prism of his complex relationship with his mysterious manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The film will explore their relationship over two decades, from the singer's rise to unparalleled stardom, against a backdrop of cultural upheaval and America's discovery of the end of innocence.


The true story of the legendary Space Ranger who has since inspired the toy we all know. After being stranded with his commander and his crew on a hostile planet located 4.2 million light years from Earth, Buzz Lightyear tries to bring everyone home safe and sound. For this, he can count on the support of a group of ambitious young recruits and on his adorable robot cat, Sox. But the arrival of the terrible Zurg and his army of ruthless robots will not make their task any easier, especially since the latter has a very specific plan in mind...


Finney Shaw, a shy but intelligent 13-year-old teenager, is kidnapped by a sadistic killer who locks him in a soundproof basement where shouting is not of much use. When a phone hanging on the wall, yet out of order, starts ringing, Finney will discover that he is in contact with the voices of the previous victims of his captor. They are as dead as they are determined that their sad fate will not become that of Finney.


Four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar. Dinosaurs are now part of the daily life of all humanity. A fragile balance that will challenge the dominance of the human species now that it must share its space with the most ferocious creatures history has ever known.


After experiencing a personal tragedy, Harper decides to isolate himself in the English countryside, hoping to be able to rebuild himself there. But a strange presence in the surrounding woods seems to be stalking her. What starts out as a latent fear turns into a total nightmare, fueled by his darkest memories and fears.


For more than ten years, Andy and Vicky have been constantly between moves to evade a shadowy federal agency seeking to capture their daughter Charlie. Indeed, this one has an extraordinary faculty of pyrokinesis which the agency would like to use to create a weapon of mass destruction… Andy taught his daughter to control her anger or her pain which trigger her power. But Charlie is now 11 years old and she is finding it increasingly difficult to control her emotions – and therefore the starting of the fire. When the agency finds out where she and her parents are staying, a mysterious agent is sent on a mission to track down the family and get hold of Charlie. But the young girl does not intend to let herself go...


After being one of the best fighter pilots in the United States Navy for more than thirty years, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell continues to push his limits as a test pilot. would force him to give up flying. He's tasked with training a detachment of young Top Gun school graduates for a special mission no pilot could ever imagine. On this mission, Maverick meets Lt. Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw , the son of his late friend, navigator Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. Faced with an uncertain future, haunted by his ghosts, Maverick will have to face his worst nightmares during a mission that will require the greatest of sacrifices. SESSIONS